Rose's Story

Hike To Cure a Rose was started to rally our amazing community around the fight for my beautiful, kind, and determined little Rosie.

Rose has a devastating rare genetic disease, HNRNPH2. Children with this disorder struggle to connect to their parents and siblings, to play with kids and attend school, to tolerate sounds and sensations of everyday life. Many of these children degenerate over time. Some die young.

Rose can no longer say “daddy”. She continues to retreat into a world I’m not part of. And her life will only get more painful.

But today there is hope. Recent genetic treatments have shown that diseases similar to Rose’s can be stopped, even improved. But the burden falls on me to raise the money and put together the scientists to make this happen in time for my daughter. And I can't do it alone... So many of you have stepped up already to join our cause. NOW, I need your help to keep the momentum going...

Help us #Hike4aRose

Hike4aRose was inspired by Casey McPherson's childhood friend from Boy Scouts, Doug Ramsey, who heard about Casey's fight for his daughter Rose, and decided to hike 2500 miles in her name! Inspired by Doug's campaign, other friends and family loved the idea of getting outdoors and hiking, walking or running to give Rosie and kids like her a chance. And so, the Hike4aRose fundraiser​ was born...

Hiking is impossible for Rose. Will you hike for her cure so that one day she can?

  • Start a Team
  • Support a Team
  • Support Doug's fundraiser for Rosie and Follow him on the trail
  • Secure a Match or Corporate Sponsorship
  • DONATE to To Cure A Rose

Help us raise $50K by June 20th. Your support will bring us one step closer to funding our groundbreaking work towards a treatment for Rose and other children like her who currently have no hope.

Please HIKE, WALK or RUN with us, or DONATE to one of our teams to help us reach the next mile marker. Together, we can do this! 


Casey - Rose's daddy

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